Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bears, and bunnies, and photo coasters, OH MY!!

When Grandpa was in hospice care, one of the nurses offered to have our favorite of his clothes made into a teddy bear. I thought it was a cool idea, so I decided to give it a shot on my own. The blue on is made out of a pair of his pajamas and the other one is made out of one of his Hawaiian shirts. They are $25 each. I can also make a bunny with big ears, which works well if you don't have enough fabric to make a whole bear/bunny. I will use your special article of clothing to line the bunnies ears and put a heart on the tummy.

Also, back by popular demand are the photo coasters! Send me your favorite pictures (size 4x4) and I will make them into a set of tiles. A set of 4 is $20 or 6 for $25. You can also make them into wall hangings or display them on plate stands.


Alli said...

Super cute! The bears and bunnies would be great for leftover baby clothes.

Can you post bigger pics? When I clicked on them, they were just thumbnails.


Ryan, Jane, Nate and Zach said...

Whoa, I was gonna say all the exact same things as Allie just said, weird.
I think the bears would be a good thing to make out of babies blankies when they are too big to have blankies!

Patience said...

What I want to know is this... how much for the Celine Dion coffee mug? Or would it break Bill's heart to part with it?

Carrie said...

My friend took the pictures for me. I'll see if she can send them to me bigger. And if the mug were ours, I would sell it to you for $50, but alas, it is Megan's.