Friday, January 2, 2009

Funky necklaces

These are fun necklaces. They are light-weight and have no clasp, so they're easy to wear. They are $10. These are black and silver, blue (Colts colors for Mom and her friends ;), teal/green/pink jewel tones, gold and copper, multi-colored jewel tones, and primary colors with black.


Kim said...

Hey, have you considered setting up an Etsy store for this stuff in addition to the blog? :) It might help boost sales.

I would love to see you modeling one of these necklaces next time you're in the office! I'm really picky (as in, I don't like much) when it comes to jewelry, but from what I can see I like these a lot.

Kim said...

Ha, so I read your blog in my feed reader and didn't realize you had an Etsy already. Me = feel dumb. lol.